Woody Allan
Scrollsaw Artist
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Welcome to the fascinating world of Scrollsawing. This is the art of cutting shapes from a wide variety
of materials, although on the following pages you will see that I mainly cut in wood. This hobby was
very popular in the Victorian times and although the interest waned during the early to mid 20th
century, it is starting to make a good comeback during the recent years. This hobby has a large
following in the USA and is on the increase in Great Britain.

When a lot of people view a piece of modern Scrollsaw work they tend to think of it being cut by Lasers.
Unfortunately, this is very true of the commercialised Xmas decorations etc., that one can buy at Garden
Centres or at large retail outlets. However, it is very easy to check if it has been hand cut by a Scrollsaw
Artist or by Laser cut by machine. If you look at edges of the work and they are dark brown and there
also appear to be small scorch marks aroundthe edges of small holes then you can guarantee that the

item has been cut by Laser and not by hand.

All the items on the following pages have been cut by hand using an Axminster 18" variable speed Scrollsaw.

The basic method of scrolling, to give it it's general name, is to place or draw a pattern onto the wood and then using a saw fitted with an extremely fine scrollsaw blade cut the pattern out carefully following the lines. When you look at some of the items on the following pages you will see that there are a lot of items with small internal cut-outs. To achieve this, a small hole (usually 0.8mm dia) is drilled inside the cut-out area. The blade is then threaded through the hole, re-clamped in the saw and then the cut is made. This can involve drilling a large amount of holes in some projects before you can even start to saw. This makes some of the projects extremely time consuming before anything has been cut!!

Please feel free to view my work and note that all items shown can be purchased.
One - off custom designed items are not a problem.
Please contact me for further details using the contact page.
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